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Maya Bocheva graduated in animation directing at the New Bulgarian University in 2001. Over the past 20 years, she has created various short animated films, commercials and illustrations.
In 2013 she became a co-founder of the company "TAT Creative", through which she created her personal multimedia project - "Tui-Onui".
Maya Bocheva is a winner of 6 awards in various categories at the international festival of computer arts "Computer Space".
In 2017, she won the Computer Space Audience Award for the animated film "Bobo and Robo" - a nearly 4-minute film on elevator safety for the Elevator Safety Foundation.
In 2018 in the city of Sliven she was awarded the national award "Konstantin Konstantinov" for contribution to book publishing for children in the category: Illustrator, awarded by the Ministry of Culture and the Regional Library "Sava Dobroslovni" - Sliven for the book "What time is it?" Handbook of Time "from the series" Tui-Onui ".
In 2016 Word Summit Awards -she won first prize - Best Digital Content in the Category Learning & education for the application "Who lit the Moon?", which represents Bulgaria and was chosen among 178 countries around the world by the producer TAT Creative.
In 2005 in Sofia, Bulgaria, Maya received a nomination for best TV clip from the Bulgarian Marketing Association for four animated commercials for "Dairy Products Parshevitsa" which she animated and co-directed.
In 2000 she received a nomination at the 10th anniversary of the International Computer Arts Festival "Computer Space" for the film: "Who's Who?".